As a Bard you need allot Endurance :)

Note: Fence: Defensive Maneuver Raises your chance to parry incoming attacks by 100% for 60 seconds or until you parry. 15 Endurance
(I think other classes have something similar)

I think its very important to never have 0 Endurance. For example:

If the tank dies and you get aggro, you can use Fence to parry every Hit from the mob and the healer can rezz the tank. Not to mention that you can use all your ability's and finishers without waiting for the endurance to regenerate:)

You can use Fence while pulling and don't get hit from the mob if the tank can't get the aggro from you.

Or if you are just bored and have nothing to do, solo a 4 dot or higher with your Dot-spells and Fence (the Dot-spells don't use the global cooldown, so you can use Fence right after the spell, you can even make a macro for it :) ). You need a Mana-regen song for this :).


maybe you have noticed, from my Equipment i get +6 Endurance regeneration every second, that's enough :)